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Developing an effective web site, can be time-consuming and frustrating if you do not have the knowledge. We would like to take your frustration on us and develop a site for you. The World Wide Web can be an intimidating and exciting experience for new users. We will help you to make your experience less intimidating but more exciting, by designing a web site for you that is creative and effective, but simple enough to use. Between the millions of other similar web sites out there, you need to have an eye catching site. A site that will encourage the user to enter. Once you have convinced your user to enter the site, you need to keep him entertained. You can only do that if your site is simple enough to navigate and effective enough to fulfill its purpose. We believe in the principle of inclusively.

The World Wide Web has generated an enormous amount of attention. From TV commercials to shopping bags, everyone is showing off their web address. One of the biggest topics is the process of doing business over the internet. Although this is a large part of why many companies decide to create a web site, it is by no means the only reason. Advertising is the primary goal of most corporations. With an audience of over 605,6 million users (growing by thousands per week), the per capita investment for advertising via the WWW is minimal compared to cost of advertising in other media. A single flyer in a local newspaper may cost up to R5,000 and have the potential of only reaching a few thousand readers and to be effective, it must be continuously repeated. Compare that with the cost of a web site. Once created you get 24 hour exposure seven days a week to a potential audience of millions. Due to this constant audience companies are concluding a web site compliments their advertising.

Your web site should be viewed as an additional means of exposure to be used in conjunction with current marketing strategies. Your web site can mirror current brochures / fliers, or surpass other media by offering animation, video, sound, interactive shopping, information or whatever else the imagination and computer technology can conceive. An added perk with internet service is a higher educated patronage. This result in well-versed customers already searching for your specific product, with lower returns on merchandise caused by poorly informed decisions.

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